7 Restrictions While Wearing A Holter Monitor

If your heart is out of rhythm, your cardiologist might suggest a Holter monitor, a compact device that is used for the purpose of event monitoring. It works by recording your heart’s activity the entire day. You may have to wear it for 24 to 48 hours. In rare cases, though, the person has to keep the ECG machine attached for two weeks or more.

While wearing a Holter monitor is pretty helpful, there are some things you can’t do. In this blog, you can go over the necessary restrictions while wearing a Holter!

Important Restrictions While Wearing a Holter Monitor

You will wear the Holter monitor for one to two days only, so it will not be challenging to stick to the restrictions. Below, we will mention some things you can’t do with a Holter monitor:

  1. Avoid Getting the Holter Monitor Device Damp

    Since it is an electronic device, it is advised not to let the Holter monitor come in contact with water. If it does, it can affect the function of the device, which leads to erroneous results. So, it also means you should not shower during the time you’re wearing the device.

  2. Don’t Get Close to Magnets

    If you are near a magnet or even within a close vicinity, it will affect the electric impulses that the Holter sends. When the electric impulses are interrupted, it will automatically result in inaccurate results. You may have a misdiagnosis, which could be life-threatening. Hence, it is better to stay away from magnets, be it a magnetic jewelry piece or an MRI scan.

  3. Avoid Electric Wires

    You should stay away from electric wires in general, but especially when you have a Holter monitor on. It can send you in shock, especially if the electric wire is plugged in.

  4. Stay Away From Metal Detectors

    Metal detectors, too, are on the list of restrictions while wearing a Holter monitor. They can have adverse side effects on the preciseness of recorded readings. This is because they interfere with signal transmission due to the electromagnetic fields present.

  5. Refrain from Using Electronics

    Electronic devices also throw off electromagnetic fields, particularly if they have high voltage. This includes electric toothbrushes, ovens, and more. As a result, the monitor might malfunction and lead to incorrect readings. Therefore, it is among the restrictions to follow while you are wearing a Holter monitor.

  6. Remain 6 Inches Away From Cellular Phones, MP3 Players, and Other Devices

    We know you can’t even imagine being without your cell phone. But for accurate results, you’ll have to stay 6 inches away from devices such as MP3 players, cell phones, and more. Otherwise, it will affect the recorded readings.

  7. No Smoking & Drinking

    Apart from outside factors, you should also remain cautious about what goes on in your body. Alcohol and smoking can have an impact on the readings and tinker with the results.

Final Note

You will have to follow many restrictions while wearing a Holter monitor. Thus, avoid smoking, drinking, contact with water, and more.

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