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Afib’s Big Three: Rate Control, Rhythm Control, and Stroke Prevention

January 14, 2019

Chances are, if you have afib, your treatments will include one or more of the following: rate control, rhythm control, and stroke prevention. Of course, each individual is unique, and medical treatments vary depending on the recommendations of their physician. Nevertheless, in general, the management of these three conditions is a typical part of any … Continue reading “Afib’s Big Three: Rate Control, Rhythm Control, and Stroke Prevention”

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Can I Exercise if I Have Afib?

December 26, 2018

Exercise can be helpful if you have afib, but there are several precautions you should take before starting an exercise program. First and foremost, you should consult with your doctor and together work out an exercise program that fits your unique situation and medical condition. Second, when you begin your program, remember to start slow … Continue reading “Can I Exercise if I Have Afib?”

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Self Monitoring for Arrhythmia Patients

December 12, 2018

Advances in technology are happening at lightning speed. This is true in virtually every field, and this includes plenty of advances for monitoring heart rhythms for afib patients. In the recent past, new devices have been introduced that give individual patients the ability to monitor and record their own medical quality EKG’s using small personal … Continue reading “Self Monitoring for Arrhythmia Patients”

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Six Ways to Help Control Afib

November 27, 2018

As with so many health-related issues, keeping to a healthy schedule for eating, sleeping, and exercising is key to helping manage your afib. Houston’s top electrophysiologist, Dr. Shanti Bansal, recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle to help keep your heart healthy and to control your afib. In some cases, afib sufferers are not even aware they … Continue reading “Six Ways to Help Control Afib”

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Heart Rhythm in the Age of Daylight Savings Time

November 14, 2018

Surprising preliminary study results have been reported at this year’s American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2018 held Nov. 10, in Chicago. Researchers, led by Dr. Jay Chudlow, a resident at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, examined more than 6300 medical records of hospital admissions (ages 18 to 100,) who were admitted to the … Continue reading “Heart Rhythm in the Age of Daylight Savings Time”

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Managing Your Type of Afib

September 21, 2018

The medical community generally recognizes four broad types of afib. Depending on which type you have, your electrophysiologist may recommend a specific manner and approach to managing your symptoms. Understanding which type afib you have can help you both maintain the course of treatment your doctor prescribes as well as, possibly, reduce the severity of … Continue reading “Managing Your Type of Afib”

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Atrial Fibrillation and Stress

September 20, 2018

It has long been believed that increased levels of stress can contribute to increasing incidents of afib episodes. While formal studies have not been performed, the National Institute of Health reports that job stress does contribute to an increase in afib in men. Anecdotal evidence supports the assertion that stress, to some degree, contributes to … Continue reading “Atrial Fibrillation and Stress”

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What Are The Tools and Techniques for Diagnosing Arrhythmia?

August 2, 2018

Because cardiac arrhythmias do not always cause noticeable or frequent symptoms, they can sometimes be challenging to diagnose. Heart arrhythmias, or irregular heartbeat, can be a serious condition and, if suspected, should be diagnosed and evaluated. Medical specialists such as those at Atrial Fibrillation Center Of America are both trained and have the tools and … Continue reading “What Are The Tools and Techniques for Diagnosing Arrhythmia?”

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What Is Atrial Ablation and Is It Right for Me?

July 23, 2018

Afib is a condition of the heart that causes irregular heartbeat resulting in reduced blood flow through the body. Individuals with afib may feel that their hearts are quivering, flip-flopping, or racing. This irregular heartbeat can lead to weakness, chest pains, and feeling faint. In some people, afib may be mild with little apparent effect, … Continue reading “What Is Atrial Ablation and Is It Right for Me?”

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What is a Watchman Device?

June 14, 2018

According to the National Institute of Health, afib is the most common form of heart arrhythmia in the US affecting approximately six million individuals. There are many treatments for afib; options to control both heart rates and heart rhythms. These options include heart rate control and anti-arrhythmic medications as well as atrial ablations, a surgical … Continue reading “What is a Watchman Device?”

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