AFib Patients: How to Stay Healthy at Home

If you have AFib, then you know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With the spread of COVID-19, staying healthy at home is more important than ever before. However, being healthy at home can be easier said than done. What if you need a doctor’s opinion? Below, we will give you some lifestyle tips to help you feel your best. We will also let you know when to call your doctor during the pandemic.

The Importance of a Heart-Healthy Diet

It can be tempting to turn to comfort foods during a stressful time like this. However, a healthy diet is a way to go. Limiting the processed foods and sticking to low-fat, high-fiber options will keep you full and satisfied. Light, low-impact exercises are also a good way to stay healthy. However, always talk to your doctor before you begin an exercise plan. This is especially important for people with heart conditions.

Stress Management Tips

Of course, this is easier said than done, especially during a pandemic! However, stress can have lots of negative effects on your heart. Try to incorporate calming activities into your daily life. This can include things like meditation, breathing exercises, and leisure hobbies like reading. Try to get quality sleep as well.

When to See Your Doctor

If you have a doctor’s appointment for your heart condition, then you need to assess your health before your visit. If you have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms, or have had contact with a known coronavirus patient, then you need to reschedule your appointment. You can call your doctor beforehand to make sure you are okay to visit. Taking the right precautions will help to keep both you and your healthcare providers safe.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms and need medical advice, then always call your doctor. It can be dangerous to visit a clinic or doctor’s office without calling. The medical staff will give you instructions over the phone, which might include a COVID-19 test or home care with self-isolation.

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