Exercise and AFib: 3 Things to Try

If you have AFib, then you probably want to keep your body as healthy as possible. Exercise is one of the best ways to lower your weight and reduce stress. But is it safe to exercise if you have AFib? The answer depends on the type of exercise. Your doctor can help you choose safe and effective workouts. Below are three easy and relaxing exercises to ask your doctor about.


Walking is a great way to burn calories while still being gentle on the heart. It is also a great way to build endurance. Start by walking just five minutes per day. You can gradually increase by one or two minutes per week. Eventually, you should aim to walk about 30 minutes per day. Just remember to avoid brisk and inclined walking unless they are cleared by your doctor.


Yoga is a gentle way to get a full-body workout without using weights. This exercise can reduce AFib symptoms while increasing a person’s overall health. It also has mental health benefits, like proven stress relief. Still, some types of yoga are too intense for AFib patients, like Bikram or hot yoga. As always, clear your yoga plans with your doctor.

Cardiac Rehab

If your heart is not strong enough for traditional exercise, then cardiac rehab can help. Cardiac rehab involves exercising with a trained professional who monitors your heart during the process. This is a great option for people who have been hospitalized for heart issues. Eventually, many patients can exercise at home after cardiac rebab treatment.

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