Five Major Do’s And Don’ts Of AFib Lifestyle

Only a few diseases can cause life-long shifts to occur, and AFib is one of them. Life with AFib can be demanding to say the least, but you can still live a good life with it. After all, your lifestyle determines the quality of your life. Therefore, let’s discuss a few do’s and don’ts of the AFib lifestyle.

Don’t Smoke:

Whether it’s a lifestyle with AFib or without it, a good life is without smoke. Smoking can increase the risk of blood clots that leads to higher stroke chances. Furthermore, cigarettes contain a compound known as nicotine which is a stimulant. A stimulant makes the body more alert by altering a few body functions, such as by increasing the heart rate. Hence, an increase in heart rate is always undesirable for those with AFib.

Do Keep Caffeine Consumption In Check:

Caffeine is a stimulant that can increase your heart rate. Nonetheless, caffeine won’t do much harm if you keep a tab on your consumption. As long as you know how much goes into your system, you can play safe. However, everyone has a different sensitivity to caffeine, so it’s better to know the critical point for your body. Hence, in this way, you can enjoy coffee without it inducing an AFib episode.

Do Eat Fish Weekly:

What you can’t get on land, you need to dive deep for that. Fish meat or white meat is high in Omega 3 fats. Studies have shown that these ‘good fats’ can protect you against an episode of AFib. Hence, it’s a good time to include alternate sources of meat in your diet because red meat is high in saturated fat. Consequently, you can start by having fish meat at least two times per week.

Do Stay Active:

We know that AFib can make exercising difficult, and that’s why being active is so critical. Exercising has numerous benefits, such as reducing stress and strengthening your cardiac and skeletal muscles. However, it’s not like an ordinary day in the gym. You need to pace up your heart with less strenuous exercises like power walking, jogging, or hiking. You can also try your hand at weight lifting, but try to avoid anything too fancy. This is because your goal is to exercise while keeping your heartbeat within acceptable limits. Therefore, it’s better to visit your doctor for your endurance test.

Don’t Skimp On Your Sleep:

We know at times, sleeping is way down on our priority list. However, you need to reconsider that, especially if you have AFib. Skipping on crucial sleep hours can make things go south. However, on the other hand, getting enough sleep boosts your immune system and helps you cope with stress way better. Therefore, sleep can keep AFib episodes at bay or help you control your already fluttering heartbeat.


How AFib influences your life, it’s in your hands, for better or for worse. Nonetheless, having the right guidance along the way can make a meaningful difference. For that, you can rely on Atrial Fibrillation Centers Of America. You can reach us at (832) 478-5067 for more inquiries.

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