Four Habits That Damages Our Cardiac Health – Avoid These At All Costs

Nobody can undermine the importance of our hearts. Our body works because of our heart. Inevitably, our cardiac health has far-reaching effects felt by many of our organs. Hence, a healthy heart equates to a healthy life. However, sometimes our habits can harm our hearts. Therefore, let’s discuss a few habits that are absolutely worse for your cardiac health.


Smoking is like opening a pandora box because smoking leaves no organ of your body unharmed. That’s why this habit tops our list. Cigarettes contain chemicals that target the cardiac system( both your heart and blood vessels).

To start with, smoking promotes fat deposition on the vessel’s wall; this renders them inelastic and hinders the blood flow. Consequently, smokers endure spikes in blood pressure, and their hearts have to experience extra strain. The extra effort the heart has to put in weakens it in the long run. Therefore, smokers can encounter cardiovascular diseases at an early age.

While we discuss how smoking is injurious to your cardiac health, its adverse effects are not limited. Instead, its consequences spread to various organs. Accordingly, think about all the damaging outcomes before you light your next cigarette.

Drinking Excessive Alcohol:

When you are partying, it’s hard to keep track of your drinks. However, your heart has to bear the aftermath of excessive drinking. This is because extra alcohol leads to high blood pressure and fatty deposits. Again, the strain of blood pressure leaves the heart weak and enlarged. Hence, to protect your heart, try limiting yourself to one drink a day if you must.

Seldom Exercises Or Sitting For Long Period:

Does your daily routine entail sitting for long periods with no or little exercise? Then your heart is at the forefront of misfortune. You can easily counter negative effects by regular exercise. In addition to exercising, you need to take breaks from sitting and get your cardiovascular system into the flow again. Therefore, we advise you to take a walk during your office breaks.

Having A Few Extra Pounds:

How can we forget about fats and our health? After all, fats can clog arteries and raise blood pressure. Again, fatty deposits innumerably increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Hence, if you can feel your waist expanding, it’s better to take a step back and reduce your waist by:

Controlling your diet: You need to cut down on sugary food such as sodas, candies, and sweets. Moreover, you would need to keep a check on your cholesterol intake. You can do that by limiting red meat consumption in your diet. In addition, it would be best if your meals consist of some fruits and vegetables.

Exercising: As we mentioned before, exercising is the key. It directly affects your cardio system and has an indirect impact by aiding your weight loss.


If you don’t take care of your heart, CVDs will be on your tail. One such disease is AFIB. However, we have your back in the case of AFIB. Therefore, you can visit the Atrial Fibrillation Center Of America for any grievances related to AFIB. In addition, you can call us at 832-478-5067 for more inquiries.

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