How to Stop an AFib Episode At Home?

If you experience a quivery heartbeat or flutter in your chest, these are signs of atrial fibrillation or AFib. This means that your heart is beating out of sync. It may sound a bit scary, but an AFib isn’t deadly. Sometimes, an AFib episode and come and go on its own, but sometimes you may require treatment.

You can also take some steps to help ease symptoms or stop an episode, but you should always consult your doctor to know what is safe and what can be done.

Yoga Is Helpful

  • If you are an AFib patient, yoga will help you feel better. It will lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Yoga has also helped a lot of people lessen their AFib episodes. Please speak with your doctor about it and experience a demo class. A beginner’s class will help you understand yoga.

Biofeedback Can Help You Control

  • You need to learn to control your body functions, i.e., your heart rate. During this therapy, you will have sensors attached to your fingertips or earlobes. Then you will have to undergo some relaxation techniques, and on the computer screen, you will be able to see how your heart reacts to these techniques.

When Should You Call Your Atrial Fibrillation Doctor?

  • Once your episode passes, please inform your doctor about it. The doctor will run some tests to ensure it’s AFib and not another condition. If you are facing it many times, you might need to undergo a complete treatment.

In Cae Of your Emergency, Call 911?

  • If you are experiencing chest pain, call 911 because you could be having a heart attack.

How can you Prevent Atrial Fibrillation Attacks?

  • Avoid caffeine
  • Do not drink too much alcohol
  • Don’t take too much stress
  • Ensure you are having a proper sleep

You need to keep your heart healthy hence take medicines prescribed by your doctor and eat a healthy diet. Remember, fewer AFib episodes will give you a longer life.

If you would like to learn more about AFib episodes, you can visit the Atrial Fibrillation Center Of America. Book an appointment at (832) 478-506

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