Is AFib Different In Women?

Millions of men and women in the U.S. are suffering from atrial fibrillation. AFib is a heart condition when your heart beats slower than usual, quicker than usual, or produces irregular beats. However, as per studies, it has been reported that the AFiB and different effects on women than on men.

A popular cardiologist and electrophysiology specialist mentioned that AFiB is more common among men than in women. Still, because we have seen women live a longer life than men, more women live with AFiB. The difference is with risk factors, symptoms, and even treatment recommendations.

This article has mentioned some details that can help you with AFiB if you’re a woman.

What Are Some Risks Of AFiB

One of the main factors is the age of the person. Your doctor can diagnose AFiB at any age if you’re a woman, but it’s most commonly diagnosed after 65.

Studies also show that women suffering from high blood pressure are more prone to be diagnosed with AFib.

What Are Some Symptoms Of AFib In Women?

  • A speeding heart
  • Frequent palpitations
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain in the chest

What Are Some AFib Treatments For Women?

Different treatments women are suffering from AFib can go through. These include proper medication and surgeries. But some treatments differ from that of men, and you should be aware of them.

Thinning Of The Blood?

Those who are suffering from AFib usually take blood-thinning medicines as it can save them from heart strokes. But those commonly prescribed medicines are not very effective in preventing strokes in women. Hence speak with your doctor to prescribe you newer medications.

Suppressing AFib

Many patients take the medicine that suppresses AFib, but there are high chances these medicines have a side effect on their heart’s activity. If you are a woman, this treatment is not preferable as it may trigger a high rate problem.

Control Abnormal Heart Rhythms

Ablation’s procedure generates the irregular heart rhythm, and women have to undergo ablation treatment lesser than men. This is the case because women experience symptoms like fatigue and weakness, and in most cases, these are symptoms women do not discuss with their doctors. Due to this, the doctor is not able to diagnose the condition properly.

How Do You Stay Healthy With AFib?

If you are a woman and experiencing the symptoms of AFib, you should not ignore them. Speak with your doctor immediately. If you are looking to learn more about AFiB in women, visit the Atrial Fibrillation Center Of America. Book an appointment at (832) 478-506.

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