Self Monitoring for Arrhythmia Patients

December 12, 2018

Advances in technology are happening at lightning speed. This is true in virtually every field, and this includes plenty of advances for monitoring heart rhythms for afib patients. In the recent past, new devices have been introduced that give individual patients the ability to monitor and record their own medical quality EKG’s using small personal … Continue reading “Self Monitoring for Arrhythmia Patients”

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Managing Your Type of Afib

September 21, 2018

The medical community generally recognizes four broad types of afib. Depending on which type you have, your electrophysiologist may recommend a specific manner and approach to managing your symptoms. Understanding which type afib you have can help you both maintain the course of treatment your doctor prescribes as well as, possibly, reduce the severity of … Continue reading “Managing Your Type of Afib”

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