Why SOPs Are So Important – Here Is How Covid-19 Affects The Heart.

Covid-19 can be hard on our respiratory system, with severe infection creating absolute havoc. However, there is more to this disease than meets the eyes. Doctors have studied how Covid-19 affects our hearts, and it’s terrible news for those suffering from Cardio-vascular diseases(CVD). Hence, patients with CVD are on the brink of developing a severe infection that may require immediate medical attention. Therefore, let’s discuss the effect of Covid-19 on our hearts establishing the need to observe strictly the issued SOPs.

Does The Virus Directly Attack The Heart?

About five percent of Covid-19 develop a severe infection, and that’s when the situation becomes gloomy. This is because Covid-19 inflicts collateral damage on multiple organs with a significant impact on the lungs and heart.

The virus invades the cardiac muscle, leaving them inflamed or dead. Consequently, this leaves the heart enlarged and weak. Hence, a weakened heart starts to succumb to an increased oxygen demand of the body. As a result, the blood pressure to the lungs drops. Inevitably, this cycle starves the body of much-needed oxygen. Nonetheless, direct invasion of the heart is a rarity compared to how covid-19 and its symptoms indirectly strain the cardiac muscle.

The Indirect Damage The Virus Inflicts On The Cardiac Muscle:

There are two primary ways in which Covid-19 can indirectly affect the heart. When your body combats an intruder, your immune system plays a pivotal role. However, an overactive immune system can work against the host, which might happen during a Covid-19 infection. In response to the virus, your body releases a storm of cytokines in the blood, and this storm acts on the cardiac muscle inflaming them.

Secondly, when Covid-19 attacks the lung, the blood oxygen level drops. Consequently, to meet up the oxygen demand, the heart goes into overdrive. Therefore, heart rate increases, and blood level may rise or plummet. Inevitably, prolonged exposure and weakened lungs strain cardiac muscles, leading to heart failure in severe cases.

AFib And Covid:

Those prone to AFib or who have endured an extended episode of AFib are at a higher risk of developing CVD and blood clots. Consequently, this can weaken the heart and leave cardiac muscle exhausted. Now to top that, a Covid-19 infection can accelerate the inflammation and death of cardiac muscle. Thus, a cocktail of AFib and Covid-19 disease can be deadly.

What Can You Do About That?

The famous proverb, ” prevention is better than cure,” seems fitting in regards to Covid-19 and CVD. Consequently, individuals, especially those with CVD, should limit their social interaction and avoid crowded places. In addition to that, they should feel the compulsion to wear a face mask when out in public.

Moreover, one should try to work on their fitness by carefully monitoring their diet and exercising regularly. Such precautions can prepare your heart for overtime during the infection. Plus, if you suffer from AFib, give Atrial Fibrillation Center a visit where our experts can guide you through these troublesome times. Besides, you can call us at 832-478-5067 for inquiries.

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